About Hippi Heaven

Hippi Heaven is my life, encompassing my family, my homestead and my business. Daily life is ever changing and flows with the seasons, as we live our lives closely connected with nature.

In the summer months you will find school is on vacation. Our days filled with gardening, caring for our animals, family fun in the sun, camping, swimming, transporting friends, and creating. Summer is a busy season for my business. I sell my wares at different venues near and far. I never know where my adventures may take me. Vending gives me the opportunity to entertain, play, sell my creations, and meet so many beautiful people; it is a major bliss in my life.

Once fall comes around the kids are back in school. I have one in high school and one in middle school. I home school our youngest. My days are filled with teaching, cleaning, caring for animals, and creating any chance I get. Fall is also a time of harvesting and processing all the blessings of nature. We store up the abundance from our garden, berries, wild mushrooms from the woods, and seafood from beaches. During the winter months we move our creativity indoors, but take every opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. Spring is a time of anticipation and planning for the upcoming busy months.

With all that goes on in my life, you may be wondering how I fit in designing and creating for my business … Well in all honesty, it’s always a fine balance. Being creative is imperative to my well being and our family resources, I always make sure to set aside time. Creating keeps me a happy mama.

I was born an artist, always drawing & creating. When I was 17, I worked in a cute little sea side hippie shop that inspired me to have my own shop, thus the dream of Hippi Heaven was born. My goal & gift to this world is “Bringing Love, Light and Play into your day”!

Everything that I do and create in my life comes from a pure and loving place. Each item I create is eco friendly, and full of love. Hippi Heaven is music, children, nature, creating, hula hooping, and love.

Peace, Love & Hippi Hugs!!!