Product Description

Womens Purple Peacock Feather Batik and Tie Dye Tshirt.

☆Hand dyed and batiked
☆Adult XL
☆Machine wash cold
☆Tumble Dry
☆Wearable Art

All dye art created in Hippi Heaven are made using high quality dyes and techniques to ensure the quality and life of the colors and the fabrics used.

The Batik Process : Each design is hand drawn individually and then hand drawn again using a wax combination of paraffin & beeswax. After the wax has cooled, thickened dye is hand painted on for each design. Once the dye has dried and batched for 24 hours it is rinsed, boiled and washed. I then prep fabric for another layer of wax to seal in the entire design before final dye. The entire shirt is then gently and artistically placed into a jar of procion dye where it sits for a minimum of 24 hours. After which I rinse out all excess dye before boiling out the wax. My boil technique consists of 2 boils to ensure that all waxed is removed before the final washout. This process is a 3 day en devour minimum.
CARE ~ Machine wash cold, tumble dry.

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