“Lotus Flower” Womens Tie Dye Tank Top. Tie Dye Shirt. Size 2XL


100% Cotton Womens Tank Top. Tie Dye Shirt. Womens Plus Size. 2XL. Hand Tied & Dyed Lotus Flower Tie Dye Shirt. Bohemian Shirt. Festival Shirt.

Product Description

Lotus Flower Mandala Design. Yellow, Orange and Red Flower in a field of Dark Green.

This shirt is a unique top for your personal wardrobe that will shine your true unique style in any season and setting. Bringing brightness and beauty to your day.

Womens size 2XL

All dye art created in Hippi Heaven are made using high quality dyes and techniques to ensure the quality and life of the colors and the fabrics used.

All Dye art created here in Hippi Heaven are unique in their own way. Unlike machine made tie dyes, for example ones you purchase in retail stores like Walmart of Target, TRUE dye art can never be reproduced exactly the same. True dye art takes a lot of time, patience and skills that have been refined over years of practice and rising above your mistakes. Luckily with dye art some mistakes become “happy accidents.”

CARE ~ Machine wash cold and tumble dry.

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Shipping included within the US.