Vintage Love Cloche Hat

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Handmade vintage inspired crochet, needle felted one of a kind hat.

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Product Description

Vintage inspired Cloche crocheted hat.

This is the perfect hat for adding a unique Vintage flair to your daily wear during fall and winter months, or even those chilly summer nights.

In my months of research and observations I have found an amazing new aspirations. And of course my own very unique love for vintage wears.
My hope is to bring the vintage classics into the modern world. Living so close to Portland Oregon and observing so many different fashion cultures in my area. My hope is to fill a gap of classic vintage wear in a modern life…everyday comfortable fashion for all seasons in the PNW….for all women…

This is just the beggining of my version of original PNW wears.

Vintage inspired crocheted hat. 100% OOAK handmade.

This hat is crocheted using new acrylic yarn. The unique accents are OOAK. The flip of the hat is handstiched, the heart is made from hand dyed rolving and then needle felted onto the hat.

Measurements : 22″ around

Care: wash with cold water, air dry.

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